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Exploring Group Dynamics

Perhaps the program for which we are best known, this workshop is designed to help participants enhance their understanding of the processes which govern the development of every group. It also helps participants to understand more about their own engagement with, and contribution to, the groups of which they are members. The program allows participants to learn, and then make productive use of, the theories and concepts that together are the discipline of group dynamics. It provides the opportunity for participants to learn about themselves. Though it is well suited to those new to the world of experiential education it is also appropriate for those who have had prior exposure to such workshop settings.

Some Goals

With the guidance of highly experienced professional consultants, participants in Exploring Group Dynamics will learn more about the implications of their behavior for such group processes as inclusion, leadership, support, control, decision making, and the resolution of conflict. Using our support model, workshop members will have the opportunity to learn more about how "others see them", and through this process will come to view their own perceptions and behaviors in new and fascinating ways.

Program members will explore the implications of a variety of theories of group development for their own group participation, whatever their role. They will learn how to apply these new insights to a wide variety of settings. They will come to understand the common conceptual threads that connect seemingly varied, and therefore sometimes confusing, group experiences. They will increase their understanding of the developmental forces that exert their influence while remaining "just beneath the surface" of group life.

The self awareness, skills, and knowledge participants develop in this program will enhance the quality of their contribution to groups in both professional and private settings. They will have the chance to learn how to be more effective in any situation in which they work with others.

This program is, as its title implies, an exploration. The interests, experiences, needs, and developmental goals of program participants will guide the course of our activities. Most of our work each day will be conducted in a group of approximately eight members. This group will work with one, or two, professional consultants.

Exploring Group Dynamics
6-Day Program

March 6-11, 2022

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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