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Tools for Group Development

We all have had the experience of working with groups that were, well..., terrible:

Time drags, there are few good ideas, there is little energy, and everyone involved seems, somehow, just a little less effective than they were when we were last with them.

Fortunately, we have also had the opposite experience:

Some of the groups with which we work, or play for that matter, are truly wonderful:

Time flies by, the ideas flow, energy increases as we engage, and all those involved seem to be at their best. Beyond that, this sort of interaction, whether it happens at work, or in our personal lives, is great fun.

What then, is the difference between these two group experiences?

Our firm has worked with groups since 1974, and we have come to believe that the difference is not in the luck of the draw, and it's certainly not in the stars...

The difference is in the skills of those who lead, and the skills of those who participate in such groups. With such skills, groups can become more than the sum of their parts...

This program is for those who want to enhance their group development skills quickly. It is well suited to professionals who wish to increase their professional contribution with regard to these practical skills, whatever their specific work responsibilities.

The program will provide many skill-practice opportunities for each participant. These will be created in response to the specific needs, interests, and experience of those who attend. The program will present a useful conceptual framework for understanding group development. Our program will offer many new ideas, and will assist participants as they generate creative and exciting responses to the many challenges of group development.

Of course, there is a technology, or "science" to efforts of group development, but there is also the "art" of using our personalities, experiences, and communication styles to achieve the greatest group advantage. In this program, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of both the art and science of truly effective group development techniques.

Some Goals

  • Using the Sole & Associates support model, participants will learn to make the most of their own skills and experience. In this program we will not try to find and correct participant "weaknesses," instead, we will seek, enhance, and build upon participant strengths.
  • Program participants will experience the benefits of a variety of group development techniques, and will then have the opportunity to practice such skills as communication, diagnosis, intervention, influence, conflict resolution, and motivation. They will learn to "customize" their approach to their own unique characteristics, and styles of behavior.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to learn to use new skills and techniques to better respond to the inevitable "difficult" situations that can arise in interactive settings.
  • Because group development is best understood as a set of skills, rather than a body of knowledge, one can always improve in this regard. Program participants will create a plan for their own continuing professional development.

  • Tools for Group Development
    3-Day Program

    July 31-August 2, 2013
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    To register for our programs,
    please call 866-659-3169.


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