About Sole & Associates, Inc.
Sole & Associates, Inc. has been providing group development experiences and organizational change consultation of the highest quality since 1974. Founded by Kenneth Sole, Ph.D., we offer our organizational clients, and our program participants, a dedication of purpose, a profound concern with excellence, a focus on individual well-being, vast experience, and mature skills. We are respected for the consistent quality of our work. Our programs convey an energy, a deep curiosity about groups and their members, and a contagious spirit of fun.

When we work with our many organizational clients, we always start by developing an understanding of their particular needs and the uniqueness of their situation. We never offer a standard program or consultative approach that was actually designed at another time, and to fit another organization's needs. All of our work is "custom built" to respond to the characteristics of the client system to which we are providing our support, or to fit the needs of the particular group of people attending one of our seminars.

Because all of our work is built upon a unifying conceptual and methodological structure, its components link together well. Our programs do not have firmly defined prerequisites or artificially imposed sequences. Instead, we talk with potential program registrants in advance of their participation. We are eager to answer any questions they might have, and want to understand the nature of their interest in our programs. We like to learn a bit about their background, and can then make suggestions about their most beneficial participation in our programs.

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